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The Law Faculty is the leading one of the University. The academic staff includes highly qualified specialists with the profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. Special attention is paid to future lawyers training. They undergo a practical training in the offices of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, public prosecution bodies, advocacy and notary offices and courts. The students have opportunities to participate in legal clinic activities and consult applicants on different issues of legal assistance.

The faculty graduates work efficiently in different governmental bodies and commercial organizations. They are in great demand in the Belarusian job market and abroad.

The distinctive feature of the Faculty academic activity is teaching students in two prestigious fields: international law and foreign languages.

The Faculty provides in-depth study of International Public Law, Law of International Economic Relations and foreign languages. As a result, Faculty graduates are well prepared for practicing law in agencies dealing with International relations and International economic activities, particularly in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulates and International trade missions of the Republic of Belarus, joint ventures, etc.

Future specialists in political science and law study a wide range of professional subjects. At the faculty much attention is paid to thorough analysis of primary theoretical problems as well as to studies of political development of Belarus and its relationship with neighboring states and international organizations. Academic staff centers their professional training on developing patriotism and students' civil standpoint.

The Economics and Law faculty successfully fulfills the important academic task - to train highly qualified economists-managers, information systems managers-economists, marketers-programmers and software engineers-economists with deep and profound knowledge and experience.

Our economists-managers are experts in micro- and macroeconomics, mathematical techniques of economic researches, strategic planning, and legal aspects of economic activities, etc.

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